Covering a Cake Board with Sugarpaste

Covering a Cake Board with Sugarpaste

There are different ways of Covering a Cake board with Sugarpaste, this method is good if you want a smooth join free finish, I always use this on round wedding cakes. Wedding Cakes often have a design that does not have a front or back.

So here are my step by step instructions on Covering a Cake Board with Sugarpaste

Step 1

Always keep your fondant cool, especially if you have coloured sugarpaste, as you will find it easier to handle.  First of all lightly knead the sugarpaste until it is smooth, then roll out until it is approx 5mm thick.  Lightly dampen your cake board around the outer edges and either use your lower arms or your rolling pin to place it onto the board, I always use my arms, I find it easier.  You need to move quickly to prevent the paste from splitting.

You can finish rolling on the board if necesary.

Step 2

Smooth over the board with a smoother.  If your paste isn´t quite touching the sides, then this is a good way  to extend the paste to the edges.

Step 3

Use a sharp small knife and trim the excess paste from the board, smooth the board again and re trim if necessary, you should be looking around the edges to make sure that the paste is an even thickness all around, if not give it another smooth using a little more pressure on the thicker parts and trim.

Step 4

Smooth the trimmed edge.  You can use a smoother or your finger depending on how your like your finish, using the finger gives a rounder effect which is what I like.

Step 5

Use something round as a template to cut out the centre, it should be around an inch smaller than the cake that will sit on top, this will give a little room to move the cake to the correct position without showing any board.

If you are not bothered about wasting paste then you don´t have to cut out a circle at all, but you will need to make sure the cake has another board or cake card between so that the bottom of your cake doesn´t turn into a sticky mess when its cut.

Step 6

Carefully lift out the cut sugarpaste, use the tip of your knife to lift the edge and then pull off the excess paste.  Knead an roll the excess quickly to prevent drying and place it in a clean polythene bag, for later use.

Step 7

Smooth and re trim the board.

Step 8

You should leave the paste to dry fully before use, this will vary depending on your climate and humidity.  Highly coloured paste such as the red in the photos will take longer than white.  Ideally at least 24 hours for white paste and longer for strong colours.

Letting it dry like this is necessary, for handling.  If you don´t have time to do this then use a different method of covering your cake board, which will include a join.  I will cover that in a later tutorial.  Enjoy!

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please comment below and I will try to answer your queries.



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