Purple and Blue Mini Cakes

Covering Mini Cakes

I was looking for something else on the internet and came across a blog about the best way to cover these miniature cakes.  There were problems on how much paste to use, how to avoid the cracks at the bottom.
There is no short cut to covering these mini cakes. So I thought it would be good to share how I like to do them.

I always use 2 smoothers, so here is the way I have of covering Mini Cakes.

  • Miniature Cakes – Split, filled and tops cut flat
  • Sugarpaste
  • 1. First cover the cakes in buttercream
  • 2. Refrigerate in sealed containers or bags.
  • 3. Start with the Coldest First
  • 4. Roll out your circle, don´t do it too small, you are just making yourself more hard work, just be careful not to get the buttercream on the icing you trim off (you can even trim it off the offcuts).
  • 5. Take them out, no more than 1 to 3 at at a time, depending how quick you are.
  • 6. Place the sugar paste on top, and flatten the top, then use your hands to smooth down the sides first.
  • 7. Then take your two smoothers and roll the cake between on the work surface until you get a smooth finish. You need to do this gently, not too much pressure.
  • 8. Place on your (painstaking cut and covered premade) cakeboards, or whatever you want to use, you could try greasproof paper?
  • 9. Put them immediately in an airtight container until you finish the decoration, because they will be there a long time before you finish and they will dry out otherwise!


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  1. Solange Lukanzu Kongolo July 11, 2013 at 9:09 am #

    Hello Elaine,
    My name is Solange and i love your cakes design, look amazing. i am in palma and we will celebrate our daughter’s 18th birthday on the 26 of this month, i need to know where is your shop for me to order a personalised cake for her.
    looking forward to hearing from you.


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