Books, Kindle, Apps, Online for Recipes

Hardcover Book, Kindle,or App for Storing your recipes?

Books, Kindle, Apps, Online for RecipesThere is More than one way to hoard those recipes.

If like me you have been cooking for many years, then your probably have a cupboard full of cookery books, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.  Ever thought of converting to digital?  I now have recipes in Hardcover Book form, on the Kindle Reader and I also have a fabulous app on my ipad.  So, Hardcover Book, Kindle,or App for Storing your recipes?

Hardcover Book

Tried and tested, there is nothing quite like that gorgeous new recipe book with its shiny cover and glossy colour photos, you can sit down, chill out and browse, admire and imagine the compliments at your dinner party as you bring out that beautiful looking dish, which of course is going to taste just as good as it looks.

Now I have a mound of these in my book cabinet.  Some well used, like the Delia “How to Cook” Series.  My wonderful Old Hamlin Cake book is battered and torn, full of stains and has additional cake recipes stapled to it, its written in, where I tweaked recipes and added in new quantities for bigger cakes.

Even though there probably is not a recipe in there I havn´t adjusted, I still use it as my baking bible and couldn´t live without it. However for every cook book I love and trust, I probably have 10 that get read once, maybe take a couple of recipes out initially that are ok, then get put back in the cupboard, never to see the light of day again.

There may be one or two that I have one recipe that gets used occasionally.  Certainly, I don´t use every recipe from every book, not even Delia! Still, I love having them and can´t part with them.

Kindle App

The kindle app is basically just a reader, and although you can browse through chapters and bookmark pages, it does really depend on the publisher as to how much interaction you may have, its free and comes bundled with a new kindle.

It is also available for other platforms as well such as Apple iPad and Android and I have the Kindle App on Ipad and also on a very basic Kindle.

Kindle App for Recipes on  Kindle, 6″ E Ink Display, Wi-Fi

Now, I love my kindle for reading novels, its lightweight and I can go on holiday and take a whole library with me if I want without pushing my luggage over the weight limit, but for recipes?

No nice colour photos on the basic Kindle, as its all black and white.  It could be handy if you are going on holiday maybe and want to take a particular cook book with you, or you can keep your recipe books on the Amazon cloud and download them, if your accommodation has wifi, or if you have The Amazon Kindle with 3G connection, but really, do you cook that much on holiday you want your cookery collection with you?

Kindle App for Recipes on Kindle Fire and iPad

I never owned a Kindle Fire, and so can´t tell you what the experience is there, but as its in colour, as is the iPad then I have grouped these two together. The Good thing about this type of book is the instant download, once you find the book you want you can purchase it and it will be on your device within minutes.  Maybe you saw the tv programme and now you want the book and you want it now!

Recipe page on Ipad

An example page from Rick Steins Book on Ipad.


For the impatient among us this is great, we can get the book and start browsing immediately, lots of nice colour photos too, no trip to the shop or waiting for the postman to deliver a book.  Its not going to clog up your bookshelf and you can take it with you anywhere.

On the downside, its still not as good looking as a hardback, navigation leaves a bit to be desired, and this can vary from publisher to publisher. They remind me a bit of those old homemade websites back in the eighties.  For me personally, I don´t find them too great, they just are not easy to flick through like a hardcover book nor are they as interactive as an app and I would say that these are my least used books.

Dedicated Recipe Apps

There are lots of dedicated Recipe Apps  out there, and I tried one or two before I settle on  My Recipe Book .  Its so easy to use, you can add your own recipes or download them directly from the internet via an easy import feature.  Its very intuitive to use, and I do use mine at least once or twice a week.  My Recipe Book app is available on iPad and iPhone.

I find it useful mostly for recipes from the internet wher you can download for free.  I did put some of my old recipes in there, but I still go for the book out of a matter of habit.  You can use a widget that allows you to double up or half the recipe, and it will alter the measurements on the fly.

You can add all or selected ingredients to a shopping list, which you can then email or share. (I don´t take out my ipad, so I email it and receive it on my phone).  There are lots of other neat little features that I like as well, although you can´t take a photo of your old recipes like in some other apps, such as big oven.

Hardcover Book Kindle on Basic  Kindle Kindle on Kindle Fire or Ipad Dedicated Recipe App
Instant Download  
Stores any Recipe  
Download Free Recipes  

Hardcover Book, Kindle,or App for Storing your recipes? Conclusion

So, what´s my conclusion? For me I think all have their purposes and although I love my new apps, I don´t want to be tied to technology either, and although I can download lots of free recipes off the internet, I will still buy the odd book now and again.


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