Chocolate Orange Pudding with Cointreu

Chocolate Orange Puddings with Cointreau

This Chocolate Orange Puddings with Cointreau  is based on Delia´s recipe for Melting Chocolate Puddings.

I love that recipe, and I love chocolate orange, so I added grated orange rind to the mix, and replaced the brandy with Cointreau, but you could use any orange liquer, I have used both Triple Sec and Cointreau.  The grated orange though is essential if you want the orange flavour.

I don´t feel the need to use golden caster sugar, its expensive here in Spain and I always use normal granulated sugar and I get great results.  So just use whichever you have readily available.

This makes a lovely dessert for a special dinner party, or a special occasion.  We have this sometimes on Christmas day instead of the heavier plum pudding.

You will Need
An electric whisk or stand mixer with a whisk attachment.

8 x 175ml mini Pudding basins brushed with melted butter

(I use non stick)

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