Classic Lemon Tart

Classic Lemon Tart

You will need a Loose BaseTin 23cm (9 inch approx)

I was looking for a dessert for New Years day and thought about a lemon tart, I wanted something I could prepare the day before ready to go, after the jolly old New Year Celebrations the evening before šŸ™‚Ā  It would be equally good for Christmas Day if you want something a little lighter than the Christmas Pud.

I looked at thisĀ  Tangy Lemon Tart Recipe by Gregg Wallace and thought it looked the business, but it used double cream, an ingredient not readily available here in Mallorca, so I used Mascarpone instead, and it worked a treat.

My sweet shortcrust pastry recipe is also a little different to his, you could of course buy ready to roll pastry, that is up to you, but my recipe is super easy.

I found GregĀ“s timing for blind baking the pastry a little off, the pastry was not cooked sufficiently at the low temperature in the blind baking, so I have adjusted it accordingly, I found DeliaĀ“s methodĀ  better, Start on a higher setting and reduce the oven temperature before the filling goes in.

So this is my adapted recipe for a Classic Lemon Tart.

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