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Covering a Rich Fruit Cake with Marzipan

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Weight ratios for Covering a Rich Fruit Cake with Marzipan

When calculating the amount of marzipan or almond paste needed to cover your rich fruit take, take the weight of your finished cake and divide by two.

So if your cake weighs in at 2Kg, then you will need 1Kg of marzipan to cover the top and side, if you intend only to cover the top then you will one third less, so approximately 670 grams.

Different Ways of Covering a Rich Fruit Cake with Marzipan

There are different ways of covering a rich fruit cake with marzipan or almond paste.  You could cover the cake with one piece, rather like covering it with sugarpaste.

The other two ways involve covering the sides and top of the cake separately.

One way is to turn the cake upside down place it on the board and then fill in the gaps around the bottom with marzipan. Next you would roll out the marzipan for top and cut out an exact circle and stick that on the top before rolling the marzipan for the sides.

However in my opinion the way I am showing here and the way  and the way I do it for clients at Celebration Cakes Mallorca is the best.  Its less fiddly and there is no waste.  The steps for this are shown below the ingredients.  I even saw a post that tells you to cut off the top, please don´t do that for a rich fruit cake 🙂

Size and type of Board to use

Use a drum boards for rich fruit cakes.

The size of board you will need should be 3 inches larger than the rich fruit cake you will be covering, for single cakes, or the base tier of a stacked cake, so for example:

  • 8 inch cake – 11″
  • 10 inch cake – 13 inch board

This is just a basic guide, and will allow you room the cover the cake with a layer of marzipan, icing and a piped border.

Sugarcraft tools and Acessories needed for Covering a Rich Fruit Cake with Marzipan:

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