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Creamy Serrano Ham Pasta Recipe

This quick and easy Creamy Serrano Ham Pasta Recipe is a home staple

This quick and easy Creamy Serrano Ham Pasta Recipe is a home staple, its great when you`re short of time, and all the ingredients can be store cupboard basics, or things you have in the fridge.  I have also made this recipe with bacon  or cooked ham, just whatever is to hand.

Fresh versus Dried Pasta

I made the pasta fresh for this on my Kenwood Major with the Pasta Attachment
which I recently aquired and which I love for making spaghetti.  We like wholemeal pasta with this Creamy Serrano Ham Pasta Recipe but you could used dried pasta if you wanted to, or whatever other pasta you have in the cupboard.

If you fancy getting the attachement, or are thinking about getting a Kenwood Chef or Major
for Christmas or a Birthday then check out the prices here are some links. I also have a hand cranked Imperia Pasta Machine
which I have had for around twenty years, you just attache it to the worktop with the clamp.  The machine has had lots of use.  I like to make lasagne sheets and tagliatelle.  If you are game enough to make your own filo pastry, it makes lovely thin sheets. Look out for my home made pasta recipe soon.

If you find dried pasta easier or just prefer the texture then allow around two thirds of dried pasta to fresh pasta.  Fresh pasta contains more water than dried pasta and so weighs heavier.  Of course, this isn´t an exact science and these are just guidlines.  Fresh pasta you made youself will be different from fresh pasta bought in a pack from t he supermarket.

Just as an example, say a recipe calls for 300g Fresh Pasta then you should use around 200g dried pasta.


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