Gluten Free Beefburger

Gluten Free Beef Burgers

This recipe for Gluten Free Beef Burgers is probably one of the quickest and easiest recipes you will ever make, there is very  little to add and it take only a few minutes, there really is no need to buy those awful frozen ones, when you can make these!

I used to use breadcrumbs to pad out this recipe, and that does help to stop the burgers changing shape too much, but recently my grandson brought over his friend who is on a gluten free diet and so I just cut out the breadcrumbs.

Use good quality minced beef for this recipe or grind your own.  If you use packaged mince from the supermarket, check to make sure its gluten free with no additives.

It may be simple but it is delicious.  You will get best results if you have a ridged griddle for this recipe, as it drain off the fat but retains moisture, but you could use a frying pan or grill them if you prefer.

Sorry I forgot to get a photo of these last time I made them, will try to remember next time and post it.


Double up the recipe and freeze the burgers between pieces of clingfilm, open freeze on a chopping board, then bag up. Make sure you cook thoroughly, and you must use fresh mince for this, you can´t defrost frozen raw mince and re-freeze it.


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