Starting to Cook the meatballs.

Italian Style Meatballs

Many years ago a very good friend gave me a recipe for Italian Style Meatballs.  It was great, and although I adapted it over the years, its a family favourite that I have made many, many times.  I usually make a batch of this and freeze half, and its a good time saver for those evening when everyone is in and out, doing their own thing, and you don´t have much time to cook.

If I have the time I serve this with home made pasta, or dried pasta when I am in a hurry, but rice is good with these too.

In a rush or not, I always use freshly grated parmesan, as I hate that awful ready grated dry stuff you get pre-packaged.

This is a good one to do with the kids,  you can get them to roll the meatballs.

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The Raw meatball mixture, ready to roll.Starting to Cook the meatballs.

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