Madeaira Cake with Jam and Buttercream

Lemon Madeira Cake

This Lemon Madeira Cake is a great recipe for a wedding, its not as heavy as a fruit cake, and I have found the trend these days for weddings here in Mallorca anyway, is for sponge cake.

This recipe is heavier than a Victoria Sponge, which it needs to be if its carrying heavy fondant or sugarpaste icing and holds up better if you are have a tiered cake. Although you should always use dowelling for a tiered cake, but that is a future blog post.

You can fill this with jam and buttercream, or lemon curd and buttercream. Try brushing it with a lemom liqueur such as Lemoncello, or even go St Clements with an Orange Liqueur like Contreau or Triple Sec.

You should do that whilst the cake is still warm (but not hot) from baking, as then it will soak up the liquid like a sponge. Once its cool it does not take it up so easily. Never be tempted to overdo it though, or you will get a soggy cake that could affect your icing.

If you want a lighter recipe than this Lemon Madeira Cake that still holds up as a tiered cake then look out for my vanilla sponge cake recipe coming soon. You can subscribe to my RSS feed to keep up to date with my recipes and cake photos.

You will need
A 9inch (23cms) round Deep Cake tin, greased and single lined with greasproof paper and greased again.

An Electric Mixer or a Wooden Spoon and Lots of Elbow Grease!

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