Lightter Chocolate Mousse

Lighter Chocolate Mousse

You will Need
An electric mixer or a good hand whisk.

I tried a few different chocolate mousse recipes, some used cream, ahhh the calories, some used whole eggs, better but still very high fat.I can´t take credit for this recipe, it belongs to Raymond Blanc.

At 280 calories per portion, it still can´t claim to be low calorie, but this Lighter Chocolate Mousse  won´t break the calorie bank either, if you are calorie conscious.

I sometimes make this as a weekend treat.  I use less sugar than Raymond, as I really don´t think it needs it.

You need a good quality chocolate for this recipe, at least 70% cocoa solids, I used the supermarket own brand, Hacendado.  Lemon juice added to egg whites helps to strengthen and stabilize them.

If you want to dumb down the calories a bit more, then you could squeeze 6 portions out of this recipe, and drop the calories down to 187 per serving.

Never allow water into your melted chocolate, it will react with the chocolate and just turn into a nasty hard mess!

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Lightter Chocolate MousseWhipped Egg Whites

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