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Marzipan or Almond Paste Recipe

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What is Marzipan

What is Marzipan or Almond Paste?

The basic ingredients are sugar and ground almonds. There are many different ways of making marzipan or almond paste, some cooked and some made from raw ingredients only and different countries have their own regulations as to what quantity of sugar to ground almonds it should contain and what added ingredients are allowed.

Uses for Marzipan

There are lots of uses for Marzipan, for covering a cake, making marzipan sweets or marzipan modelling, its also used in baking in recipes such as the Easter Simnel Cake.   When I was at Blackburn College, England on my City and Guilds Course, The Design and Decoration of Flour confectionery, my teacher pursuaded me to enter a marzipan modelling competition, the national schools competition was held in Wales and my  dragon won the Silver prize, I was amazed and very pleased.

These days I tend to use sugarpaste for cake decoration, as its easier to use and colour, but marzipan is much more tasty, so try this recipe for covering your Christmas Cake or Birthday Cake.  If you want to use it for modelling then your will need to add  a little extra liquid glucose to make it easier to sculpt.

Making Your Own Marzipan

There are may good commercial brands on the market today, but they can be expensive and its always nice to make your own, so here is my marzipan  recipe.

Use the whites if you prefer a paler marzipan, say for covering a wedding cake, or the yolks for a brighter colour, perhaps for the Christmas cake, the choice is yours.

This recipe contains raw eggs, so you should really use pasteurised products.  Or you could use powdered egg, made up to the manufacturers instructions.

Buying Marzipan

If you do decide on a bought commercial recipe, do make sure its got a good use by date on it, and check the package by pressing it with your finger, if it doesn´t make an indentation then don´t buy it.

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