Roased Garlic and Olive Bread

Roasted Garlic and Olive Bread

This Roasted Garlic and Olive Bread is a delicious alternative to normal Garlic Bread, you can make it by hand, use a machine with a dough hook or put on the dough setting of your breadmaker.

Roasting the garlic makes it sweet and delicious, and the addition of the olives give it a tasty twist.  This is my own recipe, and my family and friends love it.

You can use dried oregano if fresh is not available, but please not dried rosemary it just isn´t good!

I always use fresh yeast, and you may be thinking, what just crumble it in, don´t you have to prove it first.  If you think your yeast is old or you are unsure then you can, but I find our local supermarket always has decent fresh yeast available and its cheaper than buying the dried kind.  I know of bakeries that have used this crumbling in method for years.

However if you feel more comfortable using dried yeast then you will need around 12g of Dried or a little less of the instant kind I believe, follow the manufacturers instructions.

Whatever you decide, never be tempted to overdo the yeast, it can make the bread rise too fast and can alter the flavour too. Bread improves its flavour the longer it takes to rise.

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