The Finished Cake Covered with Sugarpaste

Sugarpaste Cake Covering

I got to this Sugarpaste recipe through trial and error, I had a couple of recipes from my college days that I tried and found a bit lacking as far as covering easily and smoothly was concerned.

This is a good recipe if you make lots of celebration cakes for family and friends, or if you are running a small business.  Some of the ingredients may make it pricey for just one cake, but economical for more frequent bakers.

So I adapted this recipe and I think you will love the results.

You will need to make this the day before its needed and refrigerate overnight.

You will need a large mixer with a strong beater for this recipe.  Please do not try this with a whisk beater you will break it!

The gum tragacanth is essential to the smoothness of this paste, and I would not recommend a substitute, in my opinion the  little extra worth it.

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