Fast Mayonnaise

Super Easy Mayonnaise

Mayo Step 1

Make sure the blender in flat on the bottom of the jug.

Mayo Step 2

Pulse on slow speed, then start to pull up gradually.

mayo4I  just had to post this Super Easy Mayonnaise as my first recipe, I found this after an internet search and adapted it to our tastes.  I havn´t bought mayonnaise since!  I also converted the quantities from cups to metric  for us folk who don´t live in the USA!

The video uses two egg yolks, but I tried this just with one whole egg and it worked perfectly and tasted delicious, so if you like homemade mayonnaise and have a stick blender then give it a  go.You could replace some of the Olive Oil with more sunflower oil, if you don´t like too strong a taste.  Or you can replace it with apple sauce for a lower fat version (but I havn´t tried that, so don´t know what its like), if you do then please feel free to make a comment.

You need to follow the instructions on the video very precisely, or you may end up with scrambled mess, but I made a few batches and never got that problem yet.

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